What are the benefits of a Juliet Balcony

Space is very expensive in the current economic climate, so trying to make modifications on a property without it costing the earth can be hard. This is why a lot of home or flat owners are choosing to add a juliet balcony . This is quite an easy maintenance, unobtrusive addition to a property. So what are the benefits?

Easy to fit 

Because a juliet balcony is smaller than a regular balcony, it is easy to fit. Most juliet balconies can be fitted incredibly quickly, and because the small amount of space they take up, you will not need to get planning permission.

Maintenance free 

Because most conventional balconies have a floor, there is a lot of maintenance involved. Not only are there safety checks, but there is also the aspect of keeping the balcony clean. Because a juliet balcony does not actually have a floor, it is a lot easier to keep on top of. 

They provide security 

If you are worried about an opening in your flat or apartment that is quite large and does not seem safe, you can add a juliet as an attractive safety option. Most of these balconies are made from glass, so they are not a gauche addition to the exterior of your home. 

They let in more light 

Adding a juliet means that you can open up a whole window or door on your property. When you open these up with a glass balcony, you can let in a lot more light into the room. Letting in more light will give the effect of having more space in the desired room. Many people add juliet’s simply to make their property seem like it has more space. They are also a great addition to corrosive properties, as there are no safety issues.